National Tutoring Programme

NTP (National Tutoring Programme) Update

We have had to delay the start of the Tutoring Programme until next week in order to accommodate some urgent amendments and additional preparation. This will now commence on Tuesday 4 May. Students involved will have been provided with a label informing him/her of when and where their session will take place, which can be stuck in the planner.

Apologies for the delayed start, but we are confident that the programme will be a great success.

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is a government funded initiative to support students to enable them to catch up in English or Maths and will begin on Tuesday 27 April. Students have been selected to participate in the programme based upon knowledge and information held by the English and Maths subject teachers based upon level of need and concerns around progress. Parents/Carers whose children have been selected to participate will have been notified by letter of invitation.

Students will be taught by external tutors in school on a one lesson per week basis in groups of three until the end of the summer term. Students will be disapplied from either PE, PSHCE or IS to enable them to participate. 


Students involved in the National Tutoring Programme (Years 7-10)

 If your child is involved in this programme, it is essential that he/she attends his/her timetabled session. Please could you remind your child of this and double check that they know when/where their lesson is? They have a sticker in their planner which details this information including the room they should attend.

We hope that your child is finding the programme productive and interesting.


Privacy notice that has been issued by Teaching Personnel from tutoring agency    Download/View