King James's School


At King James’s School we provide a strong network of pastoral care with the core purpose of ensuring that students feel happy, safe and able to achieve. The fostering of respectful relationships between students, their peers and staff allows everyone to feel a sense of pride in their school community and how it develops.

Student support begins with the form tutors who provide the all-important daily contact with the students. They monitor attendance, punctuality and behaviour and generally ensure students are happy and progressing. They are the first point of contact for parents.


Student Council

Student voice is an integral and important part of life at King James's School. The Student Council is an elected body of representatives who meet half termly to bring forward the views of students from all year groups in the school. Prior to this meeting, students will have discussed ideas, concerns and innovations in their respective tutor groups, which are then taken forward to a Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Student Council.

This meeting is facilitated by a member of the School Leadership Group.
Representatives from the Student Council will then meet with the Senior Leadership Group with agenda items chosen by the Council. This gives students the opportunity to meet and discuss ideas and concerns from a student point of view. Points are then actioned to bring about improvements to the general environment of the school where possible.


Cloud and Email System

Students using school username and password can access their email and cloud system through RMUnify

Student Surveys

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