King James's School

Teaching and Learning

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Sustained excellence in Teaching and Learning is our aspiration. We believe this will provide all our students with the opportunity to excel, and will lead  to outstanding rates of progress for all students throughout their time at King James's.

T&L at King James’s School

The T&L structure at King James’s school is founded upon three As: Aspiration, Audit and Action. You can read more about our structure here     View


We expect every teacher to be the best that they can be. To that end, we have set out a series of standards of practice and personal attributes towards which we expect all teachers to aim.    View

We have also expanded on these ideas in our King James’s School Teaching & Learning Aspiration Model.  View


We have created a T&L audit model find out where staff/faculties are measured against our Aspirations above



Our T&L action model sets out how our bespoke CPD programme, delivered through a targeted CPD structure, is designed to meet the specific needs of colleagues. The programme reflects the educational priorities of the day and is differentiated according to each colleague's role/experience/performance level.


Support for staff

At King James's we are continually researching the latest ideas so that our teaching remains at the forefront of good practice. We support our teachers through bespoke, targeted Continuous Professional Development;

Support for students

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) | Brighton Holistics

Through high-quality teaching, we aim to support our students by:

  • Encouraging high levels of student engagement;
  • Appropriately pitching challenge;
  • Pushing them out of their comfort zone:
  • Developing their resilience;
  • Expecting them to respond to feedback;
  • Supporting their independent learning;
  • Nurturing their leadership skills. 
Year 11 Catch-Up Sessions 
Year 11 Catch up runs until the GCSE exams begin.
All Year 11 students invited to attend subject specific 'Catch-Up' sessions.
These are offered in all subject areas and run from 3.00-4.00pm Tuesdays to Thursdays inclusive according to the following schedule:



(Late Bus) 


(Late Bus) 


(Late Bus) 

Week 1:  English/Maths/Science 




Week 2: All other non- core subjects 

Computer Science/iMedia 


History/Geography/ Classics/Sociology 



Music/Health and Social Care 


Performing Arts 

PE/Sports Studies/Art/Photography/Business 

We would greatly appreciate your support in encouraging your child to attend these sessions on a regular basis. They are taking place to ensure that all our Year 11 students are fully supported and well prepared for their GCSE examinations next summer.