King James's School

OFSTED Reports

In our most recent Ofsted inspection, November 2019, King James's School was once again graded as 'Good'. 

Among many very positive comments, they said:

  • 'The school is a caring place in which pupils feel safe and secure. Pupils, parents and carers told us about the family atmosphere in the school. We agree.'
  • 'Pupils are well looked after, and they get on well with their teachers. Pupils value the support they receive, from their teachers and the pastoral support staff.'
  • 'Pupils know there is always someone willing to help them out should they or their friends have any worries.'
  • 'In class pupils are attentive and around the school they are polite and courteous.'
  • 'Leaders are well trained and extremely thorough in their approach to safeguarding. No stone is left unturned to keep pupils safe.'


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