King James's School

Character Curriculum and Pastoral

It is essential that we share the key elements of our new Character Curriculum through Tutor Time and Assemblies. We need to make explicit our expectations of students, and of staff, to all stakeholders, so that we all know the standards to which we are all aspiring.

We then need to make clear the roles and responsibilities of each member of staff in terms of supporting students' character, pastorally.

Finally, we need to set out all those occasions in which we can engage with parents through our parental contact opportunities.

Thus, our Pastoral system will support our Character Curriculum in four different ways:

1. Student expectations
2. Expectations weeks
3. Celebration weeks
4. Parental contacts


1. Student expectations

We expect all our students to exhibit exceptionally high standards of behaviour and conduct themselves in a manner which is reflective of our core values and ethos. This is to ensure that the school is a calm and orderly environment in which each classroom has a positive behaviour for learning climate so all ‘teachers can teach and all students can learn.’  

These behaviour norms set clear routines and expectations for the behaviour of students across all aspects of school life, not just in the classroom.  

With the appropriate support and the use of reasonable adjustments, we expect all students to be able to meet the following behavioural expectations.  




Have Ambition

We have a positive attitude to learning and an ambitious determination to succeed and achieve.

Take pride in and complete all work set to a high standard

Be resilient and overcome your barriers to success

Be proactive in your learning with a thirst for skills and knowledge

Demonstrate good Character 

We are well behaved and considerate to everyone in our learning community

Respect school staff and cooperate with them in lessons and outside of class

Ensure your behaviour contributes positively to the school’s reputation both at school and on the community

Respect the environment and school resources at all times.

Aim for Excellence

We aim to excel in everything we do

Set yourself ambitious goals

Strive to be the best you can be

Work to the best of your ability and demonstrate that you value learning and wish to make progress





2. Expectations weeks

The Pastoral team will be assigned the first week of every half term where ‘Expectations’ will be the key theme in the assemblies.

Each theme for each half term will be identified by the Pastoral team and will be a school wide focus where responsibility for maintaining the expectation is undertaken by all staff.


  1. Celebrations weeks

Every half term, there will be a Celebration Assembly in registration time:

Celebration of Excellence will take place at the end of every half term (October, February and May). This will be a chance to recognise students who have been nominated by staff for various commendations, e.g., biggest improvement, outstanding effort, excellent student leaderships, etc. Nominations can come from any member of staff. These assemblies will be led by SLG links for year groups 

End of Term Celebrations will take place at the end of each term in December, March / April and July. Teaching staff will nominate their Student of the Term and the Pastoral Leaders will lead this assembly.


4. Parental contacts

Aside of the informal contacts by phone or email, there are several formal opportunities to engage parents pastorally:
• Y6 transition evening – tutors and other key staff
• Y7 settling in evening – tutors
• Y10 settling in evening – tutors
• Y11 settling in evening – tutors
• Presentation Evenings – tutors and other key staff