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Literacy at King James's School

Our aim is to ensure that we teach all our students at King James's to become an expert reader – this means that we aim to have all students reading and to read well, with confidence and fluency. 

It is essential for students to be able to read proficiently, so they can access their day-to-day learning within the classroom to confidently gain a secure set of skills and knowledge to progress towards their GCSEs. 

Providing our students with these fundamental foundations of reading also provides them with other essentials such as such as decoding text, such as decoding, accuracy and fluency together with language comprehension

With this secure grounding in reading will help our students in post-16 education and participate fully in society. 

As a school, our literacy strategy acknowledges not only the importance of reading, but also writing and oracy. 

By assessing students twice a year allows us to identify students who may require additional support with reading. Further diagnostic testing allows us to create personalised intervention to help bridge these gaps in learning. 


By having a key focus on language comprehension and work recognition, allows us to develop these two key areas, to allow these skills to be interwoven and thread throughout the curriculum. 

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