King James's School

Work experience 2024

Year 10 students will complete work experience 8th - 12th July 2024. Use this page to find out more

In Year 10 and planning for 2024 work experience?

(8th - 12th July 2024)

You received an email from NYBEP / work experience that included a link and a QR code for you to register with them.

You have until Monday 26th February to have:

  1. Registered and created your account
  2. Log details of the placement that you have found

If you have found a placement:

  • Enter the details of your placement when prompted. This will start the process of finalising your work experience 

If you are still looking for a placement:

  • Tell your form tutor as a matter of urgency so that we know.
  • Attend the support sessions that will be held in tutor time.
  • Create your account and state the careers you would be interested in. You will then receive updates about your chosen sectors as and when they are advertised.
  • If a placement appears that you are interested in, ACT QUICKLY otherwise you could lose it.

Top tips for looking for a placement

  1. Start looking now! King James's School will not be the only school doing work experience this week  
  2. Research local companies, whichever sector you’re interested in  
  3. Check their social media sites and websites – they may have ways to apply to volunteer or apply for work experience  
  4. Contact the company professionally, an email followed by a telephone call is usually best  
  5. State why you would like to gain work experience / volunteer, what sort of role you feel would suit you and the availability you have  
  6. Following this, you may have an interview! Prepare for this as if it were a job interview!


Why do work experience?

Work experience is a fantastic opportunity and gives you the chance to:

  • find out more about different careers and jobs
  • get experience that looks brilliant on your CV and future application forms
  • develop and improve skills such as communication and teamwork


What hours am I allowed to do on placement?

You can do a maximum of:

  • 35 hours a week
  • 8 hours a day

You cannot start work before 7am or finish after 7pm

You cannot work on Sundays or bank holidays

A one hour consecutive break should be given after doing 4 hours of work.


Who are the key staff at school for work experience?

Example email: