King James's School

Curriculum Intent


Foundational Principles

King James's School's curriculum foundational principles are built around the 5Is: Intent, Implementation, Impact, Inset and Inclusion


Whole School Intent

At King James's School we are proud of our  broad and balanced curriculum which helps students to explore their interests and  discover new talents. We believe in curriculum that promotes high aspirations for all irrespective of their starting point. 

We believe in challenging pupils to achieve more. We do this through an innovative, inclusive curriculum model and high-quality teaching. Both aim to support, stretch and challenge every student and help them to develop crucial skills.

Our whole school curriculum intent is built around three key elements:

  • Know and Remember well
  • Think well
  • Communicate well


Principles of effective practice

This whole school intent is delivered through 8 clearly defined principles of effective teaching:

  • Strong starts
  • Positive relationships
  • The big picture
  • Clear explanations
  • Modeling
  • Questioning
  • Planned closures


Extra-curricular activities

School is so much more than just what happens in the classroom. Extra- curricular activities play a vital role in enhancing a child’s experience, developing their cultural capital and giving them opportunities to enjoy activities that can be life changing. Our aim is to ensure that every individual pupil takes part so that their school experience is both rich and vibrant.