King James's School

Ambition and Enrichment


Enrichment is a vital part of our Ambition curriculum and allows students to develop cultural capital to enable them to prepare for life after King James’s School and for success in their life.

This will be covered through:

  1. Student Leadership opportunities
  2. DREAM Days (Determination, Risk, Excellence, Attitude and Motivation)
  3. Sports/Performance Academies and Rising Stars
  4. Enrichment timetable


  1. Student leadership opportunities

Faculties are encouraged to offer Student Leadership roles if appropriate. This can be to enable students to develop skills, support their peers or to raise the profile of a subject or faculty in school.


  1. DREAM Days (Determination, Risk, Excellence, Attitude and Motivation)

DREAM Days offer our students the opportunity to engage with different trips, visits and visitors coming into school to develop their cultural capital and allow them to enjoy new experiences


  1. Sports/Performance Academies and Rising Stars

Our new Performance Academies and Rising Stars programme is designed to encourage excellence and participation from a wide variety of students in all performance areas.

Elite students in PE, music and drama will be encouraged to join our Academies, where they will be stretched to perform at the highest level, representing the school in sporting teams and in school shows. Students who aspire to join these elite Academies, but who are not yet performing at that level, will be able to join the Rising Stars programme, from which in due course they may be able to progress to the elite Academy. 


  1. Enrichment timetable

Our enrichment timetable includes details of clubs and groups that students can access during the school day and after school. The activities are based on feedback from Student Council, Senior Students and Form representatives and what they would like to engage with in school.

The timetable is updated through the school year so that everyone has access to current information.