King James's School

How can I get in touch?

King James’s School
St Helen’s Gate,

Telephone: 01484 412990


To telephone, use the main school number and press the extension number, if you know it, or wait for the receptionist. 

Please be aware that, without prior arrangement, you may not be able to speak directly to a member of staff , as they may be teaching or in meetings etc.  However, you will be able to leave a message and the member of staff will call you back as soon as they are able.


Who do I speak to?

In order to get as prompt a response as possible, it is helpful if you contact the most appropriate member of staff first.

To that end, please consult our Enquiries, Concerns and Complaints flowchart - Download

You can also find our Enquiries, Concerns and Complaints policy - Download


When can I see someone?

Whilst we place the utmost importance upon dealing with queries and issues quickly, we would like to respectfully remind our parents and carers that, other than in situations of extreme urgency such as family illness, it is not possible for you to request immediate appointments with members of staff.

Our pastoral staff are often committed throughout the day supporting students or in pre-arranged meetings with parents and external agencies. Our teaching staff similarly have their own teaching responsibilities to complete during the day, and often essential pre-arranged meetings in the evenings.

Parents should contact the school to pass on immediate concerns and we will ensure that a relevant member of staff replies within twenty four hours, and in most cases sooner. A student’s tutor or Pastoral Leader is often the first point of contact.

Where are we located?

St Helen’s Gate,


Who are the key staff?

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