King James's School

ACE strategy


ACE – our Culture

Recent times have provided significant challenges for students. The fall out from the pandemic stretches far beyond lost learning.

The very fabric of what students are used to, and their confidence in the structures on which they routinely depend, has been severely shaken, leading to significant impact on emotional well being. In order to address these emotional and learning deficits, we have devised our ACE strategy.


Ambition + Character = Excellence (ACE) is an explicit statement of the character traits we aim to develop in students (and staff) at KJS.



By providing high-quality experience/opportunity for all, we aim to create an environment in which all students are encouraged to “think big” in order to raise the level of ambition and establish a schoolwide sense of “why not me?"



Also, in setting clear standards/routines/behaviour norms expected of all students (and staff) around school during lessons/social times, we aim to make explicit “how we do things around here” in order to raise standards in a fair and supportive way


This vision will be achieved through the delivery of our Ambition and Character curriculums. 

Aligned with the DfE’s latest guidance on Behaviour in schools (Sept 22) and Character Education Framework (Nov 2019), our Ambition and Character Curriculum sets out to:


Ambition  – provide high-quality experience/opportunity for all:

  1. Create an environment in which all students are encouraged to ’think big’, establishing a schoolwide sense of ’why not me’
  2. Expose students to new experiences in a variety of contexts
  3. Provide students with opportunities which will enable them to become future leaders
  4. Encourage reflection upon options for life after King James’s and setting themselves aspirational goals which match their potential

 Read more about our Ambition Curriculum here


Character  – establish clear standards/routines/behaviour norms expected of all (staff and students) around school during lessons/social times:

  1. Reflect our core values and ethos, so all stakeholders are clear as to ‘how we do things around here.’
  2. Outline the offer we provide to each of our key stakeholders in order to deliver our expectations, routines and the King James’s Way.
  3. Set out the standards, routines, behaviour and character ‘norms’ we expect of all our staff and students inside and outside of the classroom.
  4. Set out the standards and routines we expect from the school community during social times i.e. break and lunches.

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