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Updates from Greenhead College

Greenhead College

Enrolment updates:

Greenhead College

As in previous years, applicants have been asked to upload GCSE results to Moodle prior to enrolment appointment.

Face-to-face enrolment appointments will take place between Tuesday, 1st September and Friday, 4th September (appointments scheduled in alphabetical order).

Year 11 students

Linked below is a message from Simon Lett, Principal featuring his responses to your Frequently Asked Questions.

You will also find linked some preparation work for you to complete over the summer break. It would be very helpful if you could complete these tasks before the start of term.  However, don’t worry if you are finding it difficult completing remote learning at home – none of this work is going to be assessed. 

Greenhead - Year 11 student update

Updates from Huddersfield New College

Huddersfield New College

Enrolment updates:

Huddersfield New College have DELAYED enrolment until Tuesday, 1st September – it will continue all week and into the following week.  Letters with new appointment dates / times have been sent to students.

They are still hoping to hold a virtual Q&A on social media / website on results day where senior admissions staff can answer questions, but the main advice remains to encourage students to attend their enrolment appointment.  

Year 11 students

HNC @ Home is our online Campus for students who have accepted a place at HNC for 2020.

HNC enrollment

Year 10 students

Normally, in July, the College welcomes thousands of pupils in Year 10 from our partner schools to a range of taster sessions, to gain a flavour of advanced level study. Sadly, due to the current pandemic situation, this is not possible this July. Instead, through Your HNC @ Home, Year 10 pupils can experience a range Year 10 Taster activities, online, to help them to get ahead in planning and making decisions about their next steps.

Your HNC @ Home

Updates from Kirklees College

Kirklees College

Enrolment updates:

 Kirklees College

Foundations Studies applicants AND other applicants with an EHCP should have received an appointment to enrol in person on Thursday 20th or Friday 21st August. Any applicants who are unable to attend their appointment need to call the Enrolment Line 01484 437100 to make then an alternative appointment.  One other person can attend the appointment to support the applicant if necessary.

Full-time Applicants with offer for Level 1, 2 or 3 course have been invited to enrol on-line. They should have received a letter with date/time for an online enrolment appointment on Thursday, 20th or Friday 21st August. A link to this appointment will be sent via email 2 hours before their designated enrolment time. All enrolment links will remain live until the end of 23rd August to enable anyone who isn’t available at their designated enrolment time to enrol. The enrolment link will remind of applicants of the GCSE entry criteria for their chosen course - applicants are required to input their results and upload a photo. Results will be checked/verified at induction.

Applicants who don’t meet entry requirement for course offered are asked to call the Enrolment Line 01484 437100 at their designated enrolment time and the advisers will arrange alternative appointment for them speak to a member of curriculum staff (ideally within 2 hours depending on time of calling).  

Applicants who want to change course at enrolment need to call the Enrolment Line 01484 437100 at their designated enrolment time and the advisers will arrange for them to have a call back from the appropriate staff member, or arrange for them to come into college for an enrolment appointment.  

Apprenticeship Applicants - applicants who have secured an employer placement will receive a letter to let them know how and when their enrolment is. This varies from department to department and is planned in accordance with their employer wishes, for example, some will be enrolled in the workplace, others via telephone or online link. Those who have not yet secured an employer placement have now been offered a full-time course.

Late Applications – any applicant who has not applied or been offered a place, but would like to join the college needs to call the Enrolment Line on 01484 437100 to book an enrolment appointment. The line is open Monday– Thursday 9am – 6pmFridays 9am – 4pm. Appointments are available from Monday 24th August onwards.  PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND COLLEGE WITHOUT AN ENROLMENT APPOINTMENT – YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENROL. 

Year 11 students

Even though our doors are closed at the moment, we are working hard to ensure you get the best start to college in September and we look forward to meeting you.

If you have any questions about your course, or would like to talk to a tutor directly then you can email and they will be able to forward your questions to a tutor for a response, or arrange for them to contact you.  We have a list of frequently asked questions for applicants on our website.

We are currently planning our enrolment dates and times for August. The enrolment section of our website will be updated by July, and all applicants will receive an enrolment appointment and information in the post closer to the time.

Kirklees College - Year 11 student update

Year 10 students

We’ve had to do things a little differently this year!

Whilst we can’t meet face to face right now, we can still work together to get you ready to apply, enrol and join us in September. You can book your seat on loads of different events or simply have a look around our campuses and facilities.

Virtual open days