Subject Challenge - Music


This week's challenge is from Miss Gott in Music 

You are to pick a song (either full or just a part if you wish!)- any song as long as it doesn't have swear words in it - and create your own version of it using household items, your voice, your body and/or an instrument (if you have access to one at home!). You can even rope in your parents, brothers and sisters in to help you if you wish!
You then need to video this and send it in. The software I have used was using an app called Acapella (on iTunes), or Acapella Maker (on Android). You can use the free version that's available for both but will get a longer video if you pay a small amount when you download it. They are a little tricky to use and will take some practice attempts to get the timing but its really good fun. I chose to do the first verse and chorus of 'Cups' from Pitch Perfect, using my voice, a tub of mustard seeds and an empty bottle

 All entries need to be emailed to both and by 3pm Friday 29th May.

The winner will receive a £20 Amazon voucher.