Home Learning @King James's


What should I expect my child to do if self-isolating at home?

If your child is well, then work will be sent to them via school email, but soon to be all set via Microsoft Teams from all their class teachers and there will be an expectation that work is being completed.  This work will range from a variety of different teaching methods, and some of these will be

  • An invitation to attend an online live lesson via Microsoft Teams
  • Pre-recorded video lessons from the class teachers
  • Links to digital learning platforms
  • Links to online learning (such as Oaks Academy, Hegarty Maths, Educake) 
  • Electronic resources

What should I do if my child needs support with the work, or needs more work? 

Your child will need to contact the teacher directly if additional support or more work is needed. This can be done by emailing subject specific staff using the school email. 

How should my child receive work from school?

 Over the next fortnight, staff will be migrating to setting work via Microsoft Teams, rather than email. More information will be rolled out regarding this

How do I access Teams?

Teams Student Guide: https://youtu.be/QxBqs00rrEw

Downloading Teams onto Phone: https://youtu.be/m5eVjhTGqLs

How to download Microsoft Office 365

Please click here for instructions on how to download Microsoft Office