Teaching and Learning

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Sustained excellence in Teaching and Learning is our aspiration. We believe this will provide all our students with the opportunity to excel, and will lead  to outstanding rates of progress for all students throughout their time at King James's.

Hexagon of Excellence

All teaching staff at King James's School focus upon the key Teaching and Learning themes displayed in our 'Hexagon of Excellence', with a view to incorporating them into their professional practice. This ensures all students engage effectively in their learning and are guided and supported to achieve their true potential.

The Hexagon of Excellence summarises our key T&L foci for the next academic year          View

Support for staff

At King James's we are continually researching the latest ideas so that our teaching remains at the forefront of good practice. We support our teachers through bespoke, targeted Continuous Professional Development;

Support for students

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) | Brighton Holistics

Through high-quality teaching, we aim to support our students by:

  • Encouraging high levels of student engagement;
  • Appropriately pitching challenge;
  • Pushing them out of their comfort zone:
  • Developing their resilience;
  • Expecting them to respond to feedback;
  • Supporting their independent learning;
  • Nurturing their leadership skills.