King James's School

SWAN Curriculum


The mainstream curriculum is not for everybody. Some of our students do have additional needs which may hinder them from successfully accessing a mainstream curriculum timetable. In SWAN students are provided with a more nurturing start to secondary education, not only to capture their hearts and minds, but to provide them with stability to help strengthen their skills in resilience, independence, and self- confidence.

We strongly believe here at King James’s School, that whatever their starting point all students are enabled and empowered to achieve their personal best.

Students identified for SWAN will take the route of our adapted curriculum, which still covers a broad and balanced diet of the National Curriculum.

Every child, regardless to being on the SWAN curriculum route, will be given the same opportunity to access their qualifications (whether these are GCSE, vocational or alternatives) to help prepare them for adulthood and a successful career in the future.

However, the unique element in this is how Thrive* is embedded and entwined across all subject areas. If you would like more information on Thrive, please contact our Thrive Lead, Mrs Janine Dean on



For each academic year group there are two routes, A being the mainstream route, and then the SWAN curriculum.